Friday, 7 November 2014

Day 6. DAY OFF in Sweden/ Denmark - 14.09.2014.

To get a car mechanic on a Sunday somewhere in Sweden, who could fix our van for a reasonable price, might sound impossible. Lucky bastards as we were this time, with our eternal gratefulness to Niklas for arranging a guy (we just called him Magic Man) who could change our wheel within an hour for 100 Euros. More than that, we were also entertained by his professional work and attitude – we can say we got a full service (we have a video about the exchange of the wheel, but it is not available yet).

The funniest part (almost like in a burlesque movie) was when, after thanking him and saying goodbye to our hosts amongst hugs and hand-shakings, all of us got into the van, and Karel, our driver, started to launch the engine… then the van refused to make any move.  So again out of the car with desperate faces – but our magic man knew where the problem was: the new wheel had a different size and it got stuck by the backside of the brakeshoe – it is not anything he could cure with a flex :). This time the van worked perfectly and with shouts of joy and satisfaction we “set to sail” for Denmark, again. We planned to spend the evening in Christiania (part of Coppenhagen, famous for being a kind of autonomous district with their self-governing system, and of course an easy access to hash :), but we could not manage on time as we had to drive about 10 hours and due to the problems with the van we left Karlstad too late). We could still stay overnight at Charlie’s place, which we (again) are extremely grateful for. A huge joint by Jonathan (and a smaller one especially for Angelo :) was already waiting for us along with a nice supper and some beers making our day off relaxing and refreshing. We were kind of relieved not to play that evening, though we were already looking forward the next show :) 

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  1. Owww! That's some major damage your van had sustained. I'm just glad that you found the right man for you. Well, I hope things get much better from this point on and that your van do not get into anythnig similar again. Good luck!

    Damon Sherman @ Butler Auto Hyundai