Monday, 9 December 2013

Spálená Ramena #3 is out now!!!

Printed version is out!!!!

Spálená Ramena #3 is out now!!!
32 A/5 pages, unusual format, unique hand-made DIY cover for each copy. In

English language!
Content: interviews with Rauha Turva (CZ), Chiens (France), Totälickers (Spain),
Psykoanalyysi (Fin), Hellsound Studio (CZ), plus special interview with 4 new
Brno bands (Aliusterra, Brünner Todesmarsch, Alkalmatlankodik and Machinarium).
Music and fanzine reviews and concert reports.
Price: 40 CZK
Along with the fanzine coming a 19-song DIY compilation cassette with the
following bands: High Purity, Totälickers, Jack ,Psykoanalyysi, Aliusterra, Alea
Iacta Est, Rivers Run Dry, Brünner Todesmarsch,    Human Error, Disfuncke Mysli,
Human Humus, A.R.S.E.L, Chiens, Avenger.
The cassette can be ordered separately for 40 CZK, or along with the 'zine for 80 CZK.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

 Printed version is on the waaaayyy!!!!

The latest news is that I started working seriously on the printed version (issue 3), which should see the daylight by Killed by Brno in December... along with a compilation cassette...

Friday, 16 August 2013

Brno-city scene news

As Mad Pigs has already sung about it, it is Brno not L.A., still there are constantly many things happening here and around in the underground HC/Punk scene. From time to time I plan to summarize Brno activities because you might just miss some great shows or some new demos/ recordings because of the lack (or overflow) of information.

In July they recorded an excellent demo in Prostejov, here you can hear the complete result:
Highly recommended if you are keen on some Anarcho-punk, sometimes melodious, sometimes experimental.

Brünner Todesmarsch:
Their first recording is out on CD-R format simply called 'Demo I' containing 5 songs + a Tampere SS cover, altogether in 7 minutes. some more info is on their brandnew website as well, I think:
They recorded some more songs, which will come out soon on a split 7"EP with.... (details later!!!:)

There will be quite many shows again in the end of summer, hopefully some of you will find time and money to visit these smaller club-concerts beside the bigger summer fests:)

20.08. Vegalite:
Alert (Israel) + Brünner Todesmarsch + Alkalmatlankodik

20.09. Vegalite:
Hanoi (Hun), New Dead Project (Hun), Finis Afemie, Stridor

09.26. ??? (venue is not settled yet)
VILE INTENT (powerviolence from Canada!!)

09.15. Boro club
Bloody Phoenix

Bombatölcsér on bandcamp!!!

As I noticed that at some websites it is already downloadable, I decided to share the whole Bombatölcsér demo/ 7"EP for the online listeners. Now you can get it in a better quality and at least the song-order is correct (and it does not include our songs from the Brno compilation:). So here it is, just enjoy:

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Report on the non-traditional concert in Brno

I had been thinking of asking someone else to write this gig-report (from the audience, naturally), but I finally thouhgt it was just such a non-traditional event that it was worth to see it also from our point of view, how we bands, organizers experienced this 'historical' happening. Not ironically I say 'historical', because I think nothing like this has happened before in Brno scene and, encouraged the overall success of  this show, there will be continuation for sure...:)

OK, so let's see how everything happened on that grey, gloomy weekday..:) Actually not even us, the bands did know where the exact place of the show would be... And the flyers stated a tramstop as meeting point two stops away from the actual "venue" where the show had taken place... So with the thrill of absolute expectation of anything unexpected (whether people will come to see this event at all, whether we can play our show and will not be interrupted by the police or people living nearby) we chose the place for the "stage" (just backwards the pretty close tram line), and started setting up the drumset and the PA system. all of us were amazed by the place and ven by the acoustic conditions - it was sure at the very moment we tried the drums that the sound will be loud enough to fill in the open space under the highway brigdes with the echoes coming back from the blockhouses... Just see some pictures below to get the atmosphere:)

Everything was setup fast (electricity by a generator of course, working perfectly), sandwiches by Food Not Bombs were ready, beer was served for the band, but the audience hasn't arrived yet and it was about half an hour passed already by the agreed meeting time... Whether noone will come? Are they afraid of the shitty weather (even if rain would not disturb this event as the flyer said) or the reaction of the police or the people living around? Fortunately fans seemed to be enthusiastic as well: out of the blue they came, in a healthy crowd, both well-known and unknown people and we could see happiness in their eyes as they immediately got to like the place just like us.

With good atmosphere started the gig, with people around chatting, drinking, having snacks and enjoying themselves on a public place with no prohibition or advanced, official permission to gather - this was most important in this evening, the concerts might come as secondary thing to it.

Dekasta, Morsa, Stridor - that was the order of the bands with minimum of time wasted between the sets for preparation and sound check, so that the whole wthing ended before 9pm. Allegedly only two policmen came close to check what was happening there (I did not see it as we were "on stage" at that time) but they might have found everything all right to leave the place fast and without words. some homeless people popped up as well (food and drinks were for them too, if not mainly were for them, as they are in need) and of course some curious people living (some pretending just to walk the dog:). Not even a beercap was left at the place as garbage, which might be trivial thing, but it proved, as this whole event, that punk is not about the destruction and disorder - it is possible to organize something cultural for a crowd of people with no official measures or restrictions, which does not necessarily lead to chaos.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Morsa new recording!

Just a short note: this weekend Morsa recorded 3 new songs, which will probably be out as a split 7"EP with another band (neither the band, nor the labels are confimed yet). Thanks a lot for Hellsound Honza for his great work, friendly attitude and endless patience:)
One song can be listened at:

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Non-traditional concert in Brno

The next news/ invitation will be in Czech - just to sum up briefly, it is about a non-traditional (we can say illegal) open-air concert in Brno where three bands are going to make some noise on some square in the town :)
You can find more information at:
Who is interested in seeing this unique show, must be at stop Geislerova on 29.5. at 18:00... then the people will be directed to the exact place of the concert...
See more info in Czech on the bandzone page.

The following bands will (hopefully) play:

hardcore-punkUherské Hradiště



Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Gigs, gigs, gigs...

I am sorry to have lost for some weeks. I wanted to keep things more updated as

there are constant happenings around... so that's why maybe I had no time and energy

for this left...:) But now I shortly summarize some past shows experiences...

A.R.S.E.L (Swe) + Suicide Bombers (Swe) + Hibakusha + Bombatölcsér in Boro, Brno -


Not too many people on this show, though the atmosphere was really great... Thanks

mostly to the Swedish guys, who enjoyed the bands and of course themselves, too:)

Maybe sometimes they danced a bit wild (unusual here), but they were kind and nice

even to talk to and make friends with:) Also thanks to Kubik, the organizer, for the

great hospitality with tasty and far enough both warm and cold food and drinks.
One of the Swedish bands started (Suicide Bombers), which is not the Rock'n Roll

type of band that you can come across mostly if you just put this name into a

youtube search. In reality they are much rawer, dirtier and more crusty.... But on the other hand, it could be seen and heard that they have been together just for a few

months... The relatively bad sound did not even help the audience put this band to

the right place... For me they reminded me of some 80's fast punkband from East

Europe:) Next one Hibakusha got on the stage (originally it was Bombatölcsér to play

the second, but Hibakusha needed to leave earlier) and their set was all right with

a better sound, which still did not reach the highly enjoyable level, so more beers

were consumed at the bar by the audience after and during their show. Still I think

the guys from the second Swedish band A.R.S.E.L. were the "highest" in mood, also  by the

time their own show started, so they provided an incredibly crazy performance led by

their vocalist. Apart from his looking rather brutal with a muscular body and bold

head, he constantly roamed around in the crowd, pushing them aside, sometimes

collapsing down onto the ground or pouring cold water on his head while producing

some inhumanly screeching voices out of himself. I am sure not many people knew this band before

and I personally did not catch their music when I gave it a listen about two days before the show, but
this night for me they were more than convincing. Their demo CDR which we traded at this ocassion also got a warm welcome at home and enjoyed it very much afterwards (later a review on it might be come here:).
Lastly, we played with Bombatölcsér, quite cool show with probably not a good sound, still people, especially the Swedish guys enjoyed much, which was good to see and experience, as for they we were probably never heard before:)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Next show!!!! A.R.S.E.L (Swe) + Suicide Bombers (Swe) + Hibakusha + Bombatölcsér in Boro, Brno - 26.04.2013

Not too much time left till this concert, and I haven't seen much of the promotion yet, so here we are :) Flyer and info about the bands are below:)

A.R.S.E.L. - Crust peklo podobné Kontrovers (Švédsko)


Suicide Bombers - Crust/HC/Punk (Švédsko)


We have started a small distro to get rid of some of our stuffs and/ or to get back some money we invested in our activities. Further trades of  most of these items are possible, just let us know your ideas. I will update this list possibly with some photos in the future.

Tapes (40 Kč/ 2 Euros):

Disfuncke Mysli - Demo
Debut demo by a young band from Znojmo (CZ), 3 songs + Discharge cover.

Bombatölcsér - "Bude klid" noise demo
Fast/ crust in 6 songs with harsh, dual (female/male) vocals.

Sedem Minút Strachu - demo I.
Noise commando from Zvolen (SK) with ex-members of Idiots Parade. Their first show recorded on 8.12.2012.

Garga Pitic - "Hallgass" Demo Tape
Punk/ HC from Hungary with Hungarian texts. 7songs, DIY tape limited to 30 copies.

Wave of Noise - 4-way split
4 crust bands from Malaysia: Disgrace, Distrust, Incrust and Skitsöfrenia in 30 minutes.

Morsa - Demo 2012
4 songs, mix of different styles from crust/ fast to Death metal. Pro-cover with texts both in CZ and EN. Available with coloured cassette bodies.


Bombatölcsér - "Bude klid" noise demo 7"EP (180 Kč/ 7 Euros)
Fast/ crust in 6 songs with harsh, dual (female/male) vocals. Limited version of 250 copies. Splatter-vinyl with gatefold cover with extras. Out on Ultima Ratio.

Svart Framtid ‎– 1984 7"Ep
Raw punk/ crust from Norway from the earliest times!!! 6 songs, sung in Norwegian! (With English translations included - be surprised how current their texts are still now!!!)

Brno Stále V Plamenech - Compilation LP 250 Kč/ 10 Euros
The ultimate Brno HC/ Punk compilation from 2012 with bands Festa Desperato, The Intruderss, Boy, Bombatölcsér, MacGyver, Tummo, V Době Moru, 6mas, Risposta, Midnatt Död, Morsa, Mad Pigs, S.U.Mo., See You In Hell. Coming with a thick fanzine-like booklet with interview with all the bands (In Czech) and English-written scene report.

Demo CD-Rs 50 Kč/ 2 Euros

Morsa - Demo 2012
4 songs, mix of different styles from crust/ fast to Death metal. Pro CD-R + pro-cover with texts both in CZ and EN.


Bombatölcsér sizes M, L, XL 180 Kč/ 7 Euros
Black shirt with white Bombatölcsér logo in front.

Monday, 15 April 2013

In the middle of nowhere.... but Slovakia

A week after our Hungarian trip with Bombatölcsér (which did not get realized, just see previous post) we were to play in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. It was a bit doubtful that we would get there, as both Tereza and me were just recovering from our illnesses, but even days before that Saturday things got better and better (just like the weather, the neverending winter seemed to end) and we managed to arrange everything and agreed to meet there (as I was coming all the way from Hungary, where I spend the week after the Morsa show in Budapest). Thanks to Filip, everything I needed for this show (my cymbals, double-pedals, even a part of my distro) got into Tereza's car from Morsa practice room

I decided to go through
Košice, where I spent about four hours waiting for the train to Banska Bystrica and also Adrik ( and his girfriend to join me. The town was not new for me, but the day before I made some google search for new things to see as I knew I would have some time there, and found someone on some forum recommending: "when in Košice, visit Lunik IX, it's free!". I did not feel it was supposed to be a joke, so I concreted my search and founf the following video:

I did not expect something like this exists in the 21th century, just a few kilometres from my hometown...

In the end the four hours had passed fast in Košice, not like the four more hours on the train - it was an extremely long journey in the mountains, but at least sometimes the still wintry landscapes (with hights and peaks of about 1000 metres) compensated us for the tiring conditions. Šariš and Corgoň also proved to be good companions:)

Kaktus club was in the middle of the centre of Banska Bystrica, and on the way we met the guys from Bomba, they just arrived. We needed to find and exchange office for them to get some Euros, which did not turn out to be so easy - we missed the first band while trying to find the only option, the one-kilometer-far Tesco store.... Well, for sure we walked at least 5 kms, just to find it closed.... So no money, no beer, but we got back to the place around 20:30, right in time to catch the host band Gordon Shumway. This night they played only as a duo, the bassist was abroad as I understood well. I definitely missed the bass, as I felt their Grind/ Hardcore music a bit airy. Ave's vocals sounded a bit Black Metalish, I don't know if it was direct, I heard their music for the first time. For sure there was no problem with the sound, the drums were fully miscophoned, very fast could have been heard:) As I heard well, there was some Paskuda cover played, the drummer being in that band too...

There was a fuss about the preparation of the next band, which the audience seemed to have been looking forward, indeed: Sedem Minút Strachu consists of some ex-members of sadly departed Idiots Parade, and their concept, as their name says (Seven minutes of fear) is to produce some grinding noise in seven minutes... For this they have even prepared a big quartz watch (which unfortunately did not want to work) and an extremely long playlist on a 2-metre-long paper... For me their set sounded shorter, with no pause we could experience a bizarre, noisy apocalypse... The even come back for a short, some second additional song, hahaha! I traded some demotapes with them, that is their official demo containing their first show sometime last year in Zvolen. Soon a review and distro update is expected here as for this material... 

Next one was Human Humus from Poprad. It is enough if I say they cannot go wrong. This is how Grindcore should be played. And with such an insane vocallist, it would not be hard to sell it if the music were bad..:) This young guy, Ižd'o, is one of the craziest frontman in the recent scene, that's for sure! He really lives and moves with the music on the stage. I am waiting for some new recodning from them, hope it will come soon.
We closed the night with Bombatölcsér, and apart from the fact we had no practice in the last two weeks, the show was okay, people seemed to have enjoyed it. By midnight everything was over and anyone could continue drinking till morning or go home - we chose the second option with Tereza and set up for the (again) four-hour-long trip, this time by car. Neither a bumper of  a car in the middle of the dark highway (!), nor a small rabbit getting almost under our wheels could stop us, until the dawn finally welcomed us at Brno...

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Morsa in Budapest

For the first weekend of April a Hungarian mini-tour was planned and organized by Jack guys (Hungarian Punkgrind commando) for Bombatölcsér. We were really waiting for this event and everything was arranged for it to be a perfect weekend (even the van was rented). Then one day before Tereza, our vokillist got seriously ill, she had a temperature of 39°C, so we had to cancel the journey in the very last moment. For the Budapest show, they still needed a foreign band instead of Bomba... so why not? I took a try with Morsa, and within some minutes everyone set themselves free for that weekend and we were ready to go in an instant...:)

Saturday morning we needed a fast practice as having had no gigs since January, we were concentrating almost only on writing new songs - at that time I already had a strange feeling, but was sure it is purely the aftermath of the night of drinking at Přísnotice (there was a show with local bands there). By arriving to Budapest (cca 7pm) it was certain that I caught some illness causing coughing, fever, chills and headache... First we went to the accommodation, where Kristóf, our host was waiting for us... with his 2 dogs at least 20 reptiles in a small studio-flat! After some welcome drinks he ensured us, none of the reptiles will eacape from their terrariums, and we will have a pleasant night - fortunately he was right, I would not be glad to meet his newest acquisition in the dark of the night: a some-week-young anaconda, which seemed to keep its terrirory aggressively, by our luck just behind the glasswall. We have finished our meal (excellent soy roast a la Basov) and some more drinks (me just tea this time) and was high time we went to the venue. 

Finding a parking place was not easy, being the concert in the centre of the Hungarian capital, with narrow, one-way streets, so we missed the first two local bands, and got to the club only for the first moments of Do You Think I Care? - good, D-beat infected band by some ex-members of Gyalázat. After them Jack came with an intensive show, then the Brazilian bands Defy and Subterror, which I saw two days before in Brno and they offered the same, though due to my feeling more and more ill, I could not enjoy their sets that much. It was half past one when we were to go on stage, and someone from the bar told us we should be fast - they were to stop the live music within 20 minutes....Uhhhh... that would be enough for our short programme, but we need approximately the same amount of time to prepare everything for the show, to have sound-check etc. Furthermore, it turned out that none of the bands before had two toms, so I also had to use only one... It is like playing with a guitar one string less, but there was not time to find any solution, so even without soundcheck , we started our set and rushed through all the 6+1 songs. Apart from the sound with the drums pushed a bit aback and the vocal in front, people seemed to have enjoyed our noise. You can find some minutes of each band of that night here .

There was some afterparty at Kristóf's flat, which I just took part agonizing, with him and Filip listening to some really noisy 7"EPs from his collection. The reptiles might have been kept away from us by this, next morning all of us woke up in one piece, uneaten by any of his snakes:)

Out of the blue...


came the idea of creating this blog. It became more and more certain that I will not be able to release a new issue of my printed 'zine as fast as I thought, even if I have many ideas and experiences to put it onto paper, this time on screen. The music materials I obtained are piled up on my desk, I regularly visit shows and read new fanzines, which makes me think whether it is worth waiting for them to become out-to-date, or better give them some exposure as fast as they hit the scene. I decided to opt for this later one - however, I must highlight, this blog WILL not take over the place of the printed 'zine! OK, so let's get into it, and check if I can do it at all (I have never had any experience with blogging so far...).