Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Non-traditional concert in Brno

The next news/ invitation will be in Czech - just to sum up briefly, it is about a non-traditional (we can say illegal) open-air concert in Brno where three bands are going to make some noise on some square in the town :)
You can find more information at:
Who is interested in seeing this unique show, must be at stop Geislerova on 29.5. at 18:00... then the people will be directed to the exact place of the concert...
See more info in Czech on the bandzone page.

The following bands will (hopefully) play:

hardcore-punkUherské Hradiště



Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Gigs, gigs, gigs...

I am sorry to have lost for some weeks. I wanted to keep things more updated as

there are constant happenings around... so that's why maybe I had no time and energy

for this left...:) But now I shortly summarize some past shows experiences...

A.R.S.E.L (Swe) + Suicide Bombers (Swe) + Hibakusha + Bombatölcsér in Boro, Brno -


Not too many people on this show, though the atmosphere was really great... Thanks

mostly to the Swedish guys, who enjoyed the bands and of course themselves, too:)

Maybe sometimes they danced a bit wild (unusual here), but they were kind and nice

even to talk to and make friends with:) Also thanks to Kubik, the organizer, for the

great hospitality with tasty and far enough both warm and cold food and drinks.
One of the Swedish bands started (Suicide Bombers), which is not the Rock'n Roll

type of band that you can come across mostly if you just put this name into a

youtube search. In reality they are much rawer, dirtier and more crusty.... But on the other hand, it could be seen and heard that they have been together just for a few

months... The relatively bad sound did not even help the audience put this band to

the right place... For me they reminded me of some 80's fast punkband from East

Europe:) Next one Hibakusha got on the stage (originally it was Bombatölcsér to play

the second, but Hibakusha needed to leave earlier) and their set was all right with

a better sound, which still did not reach the highly enjoyable level, so more beers

were consumed at the bar by the audience after and during their show. Still I think

the guys from the second Swedish band A.R.S.E.L. were the "highest" in mood, also  by the

time their own show started, so they provided an incredibly crazy performance led by

their vocalist. Apart from his looking rather brutal with a muscular body and bold

head, he constantly roamed around in the crowd, pushing them aside, sometimes

collapsing down onto the ground or pouring cold water on his head while producing

some inhumanly screeching voices out of himself. I am sure not many people knew this band before

and I personally did not catch their music when I gave it a listen about two days before the show, but
this night for me they were more than convincing. Their demo CDR which we traded at this ocassion also got a warm welcome at home and enjoyed it very much afterwards (later a review on it might be come here:).
Lastly, we played with Bombatölcsér, quite cool show with probably not a good sound, still people, especially the Swedish guys enjoyed much, which was good to see and experience, as for they we were probably never heard before:)