Monday, 9 December 2013

Spálená Ramena #3 is out now!!!

Printed version is out!!!!

Spálená Ramena #3 is out now!!!
32 A/5 pages, unusual format, unique hand-made DIY cover for each copy. In

English language!
Content: interviews with Rauha Turva (CZ), Chiens (France), Totälickers (Spain),
Psykoanalyysi (Fin), Hellsound Studio (CZ), plus special interview with 4 new
Brno bands (Aliusterra, Brünner Todesmarsch, Alkalmatlankodik and Machinarium).
Music and fanzine reviews and concert reports.
Price: 40 CZK
Along with the fanzine coming a 19-song DIY compilation cassette with the
following bands: High Purity, Totälickers, Jack ,Psykoanalyysi, Aliusterra, Alea
Iacta Est, Rivers Run Dry, Brünner Todesmarsch,    Human Error, Disfuncke Mysli,
Human Humus, A.R.S.E.L, Chiens, Avenger.
The cassette can be ordered separately for 40 CZK, or along with the 'zine for 80 CZK.