Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Day 2. Wagendorf Wuhlheide, Berlin, Germany - 10.09.2014.

Waking up after some short hours was not much pleasant, but we had to get used to getting up early almost each morning as big distances were ahead of us. Berlin is not that far from Prague – we got there quite easily, but to find the place seemed to cause us some difficulties. Oliver (organizer, Fleshbug Records and band Feast) sent me a map by which we could get quite close to the venue (which was an occupied/ squatted part of the town with about 70 people living there in caravans/ bungalows – about this I will write later). There were some roadworks and our GPS showed us the street indicated in Oliver’s map, though the surroundings did not seem that there would be some squatted area there. By our luck some guy by bike was passing by while we were helplessly searching the right way and he was glad to drive us to the place which was just on the other side of the highway. All of us was immediately amazed by the place: it is like a small village in a nice, uninhabited part of Berlin surrounded by trees/ small forests. Even at the entrance we notice post-boxes hinting that people are kind of recognized to live here in some autonomous circumstances. They even have electricity and also water in a common block where they have two showers, toilets and a washing machine (was quite pleasant to find and hear a radio – I guess - always switched on in this cabin). 

Allegedly, each person living here is supposed to pay about 100 Euros per month for the mutual cost and that’s all about the costs living here: of course you should have your own caravan or bungalow to live in. We were escorted to the community house, where the gig would take place: it is a cosy, spacey hall with a little stage and a bar – perfect place for get-togethers. We were provided delicious food and drinks, so we started enjoying our being here – I think our hosts too, as we gave a bottle of slivovoca to them as present:).

The more drinks consumed, the better atmosphere created, and the time was close to start the gig: local powerviolence band JHK blasted the small stage for about 20-25 minutes - we were impressed by their energetic show. Our performance was also welcomed by the small but enthusiastic audience - I think both bands of us gave the maximum starting the abroad part of the tour well. 

Thanks for all the people showed up (quite a diverse audience was gathered), and most of all for the great organization to Fleshbugs:) The gig might have been short but the afterparty wasn't - surely there were hours dropped out, but I remember us sitting in some friendly guy's "apartment" drinking slivovica and smoking weed while listening to LPs from his collections... :)

Special message to Eva from Dresden: sorry we could not manage the invitation for your shows - I tried to send you emails but the address given did not work out (however I tried with both engdings with .de and .ge) :( For sure we would like to come to play in Berlin or in Dresden again!!!

Friday, 26 September 2014

Day 1. Cross Club, Prague, Czech Republic - 09.09.2014.

As expected, we started with a 2-hour-delay so we got to Prague quite late. It was evident that we would not manage on time: it took time to collect all the 8 people from different villages and pick up the amplifiers, guitar and bass boxes and drumset (and naturally some personal belongings) from two different practice rooms. What I was afraid of of being on the road too long was the too frequent piss- and smoke-breaks, but after all it was not on a hourly basis as I expected (smoking was allowed in the van, so maybe that’s why hehe), so we could get everywhere relatively on time. In Prague already the second band was playing with the funny name Hrobocop. A pleasant surprise, they played some energetic metal/ crust with a female screamer. It was not our first time in Cross club (thanks to Viktor to organize this night for us again!), which has a special, futuristic atmosphere with chaotic ornaments everywhere on the walls made in a DIY way I think. Once you must see it to believe it, there is a lot of work behind that I think. 

There were quite many people in spite of the fact it was a Tuesday (OK, Prague is a capital city). It might have helped that the entry was free, but I haven’t seen many people looking like not having something to do with this type of music (anyway Cross Club is a huge complex with many floors and different parties at one night – there was some electro or whatever in the basement and up there in the other floors for sure there were also many people just to come for a chat by some drinks and food). We played our solid set, which people seemed to enjoy (unfortunately we had no time to practice the two newest songs with vocals before the tour, so our programme was rather short, below 20 minutes I guess). Bricanyl was to follow us with the same atmosphere and of course excellent sound (in Cross it is a basic thing I think). I was surprised seeing one more band after us: Sebestřet was a trio from Prague (I suppose), they played simple crust. Nothing new or extraordinary, but I enjoyed their gig (apart from the mistakes, which made it evident that we are talking about a new band here). To the afterparties we went by taxi and surely I would never find these two (?) pubs again – both of them had superb atmosphere (I can say it more by looking at the photos taken there than my weak remembrance:). 

Bombräd över Norden - Bombatölcsér/ Bricanyl Turbuhaler tour 2014

I have just been sitting here for long looking at the screen... and thinking how to start it... The tour is over for days now... and I cannot find my place anywhere... It was just like a dream had come true... but naturally with a rude awakening by which everything disperses. Memories still remain, which should be made stronger stuck in our minds and hearts in writing this report. Now every routine-like weekday seems to be a waste of life. Even weekends with gigs cannot bring back the feeling of being on the road… With all its pain and inconvenience…. When arriving somewhere is not important any more…