Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Report on the non-traditional concert in Brno

I had been thinking of asking someone else to write this gig-report (from the audience, naturally), but I finally thouhgt it was just such a non-traditional event that it was worth to see it also from our point of view, how we bands, organizers experienced this 'historical' happening. Not ironically I say 'historical', because I think nothing like this has happened before in Brno scene and, encouraged the overall success of  this show, there will be continuation for sure...:)

OK, so let's see how everything happened on that grey, gloomy weekday..:) Actually not even us, the bands did know where the exact place of the show would be... And the flyers stated a tramstop as meeting point two stops away from the actual "venue" where the show had taken place... So with the thrill of absolute expectation of anything unexpected (whether people will come to see this event at all, whether we can play our show and will not be interrupted by the police or people living nearby) we chose the place for the "stage" (just backwards the pretty close tram line), and started setting up the drumset and the PA system. all of us were amazed by the place and ven by the acoustic conditions - it was sure at the very moment we tried the drums that the sound will be loud enough to fill in the open space under the highway brigdes with the echoes coming back from the blockhouses... Just see some pictures below to get the atmosphere:)

Everything was setup fast (electricity by a generator of course, working perfectly), sandwiches by Food Not Bombs were ready, beer was served for the band, but the audience hasn't arrived yet and it was about half an hour passed already by the agreed meeting time... Whether noone will come? Are they afraid of the shitty weather (even if rain would not disturb this event as the flyer said) or the reaction of the police or the people living around? Fortunately fans seemed to be enthusiastic as well: out of the blue they came, in a healthy crowd, both well-known and unknown people and we could see happiness in their eyes as they immediately got to like the place just like us.

With good atmosphere started the gig, with people around chatting, drinking, having snacks and enjoying themselves on a public place with no prohibition or advanced, official permission to gather - this was most important in this evening, the concerts might come as secondary thing to it.

Dekasta, Morsa, Stridor - that was the order of the bands with minimum of time wasted between the sets for preparation and sound check, so that the whole wthing ended before 9pm. Allegedly only two policmen came close to check what was happening there (I did not see it as we were "on stage" at that time) but they might have found everything all right to leave the place fast and without words. some homeless people popped up as well (food and drinks were for them too, if not mainly were for them, as they are in need) and of course some curious people living (some pretending just to walk the dog:). Not even a beercap was left at the place as garbage, which might be trivial thing, but it proved, as this whole event, that punk is not about the destruction and disorder - it is possible to organize something cultural for a crowd of people with no official measures or restrictions, which does not necessarily lead to chaos.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Morsa new recording!

Just a short note: this weekend Morsa recorded 3 new songs, which will probably be out as a split 7"EP with another band (neither the band, nor the labels are confimed yet). Thanks a lot for Hellsound Honza for his great work, friendly attitude and endless patience:)
One song can be listened at: